Viktoriya Sazhko

Maastricht School of Management (MSM), MBA programme

Posted by Marina Zernaeva at 2014-11-19 10:59

1) Which university did you study in Russia and in the Netherlands? Which area of study and which programme?

I studied in Moscow State University of Economics , Statistics and Informatics (MESI) Master studies. Major – Finance, specialization – investments. In the Netherlands I studied the one-year MBA at Maastricht School of Management and I graduated in 2008.

2) How and why did you choose the Maastricht School of Management?

I came to study here via the international department of my university. MSM was one of the options and was offering an intense MBA in Finance and that was exactly what I was looking for.

3) When you were planning to go to study abroad, what did you expect from it? Did your study at MSM fulfill your expectations afterwards?

I was expecting to refresh my theoretical knowledge and get more practical examples and case studies based on real life stories. And of course communicating to people from different countries was very interesting to experience. Afterwards I am satisfied with the year spent at MSM.

4) How could you describe the study process at MSM? Can you compare it with the Russian one you studied at?

This is hard to compare as the MBA course at MSM is really intense and considered for people with work experience. While in Russia university students mostly come right after school and most of subjects for them are pure theoretical. We had a lot of group work at MSM and a lot of self-study and lots of reading. But the main difference would be learning all the models and methods on real examples and having the opportunity to exchange opinions with professors and students from all over the globe, and share personal work stories of how all that we study can be applied.

5) What is the most valuable experience you gained during your stay in the Netherlands?

Besides refreshing the general knowledge, I’ve acquired a great experience of working and studying in a multicultural environment. And it was nice to learn about Dutch culture and customs, the way people enjoy life, combine work with having big families, ride bikes in beautiful landscapes, just smile a lot and be happy.

6) Did your study experience in the Netherlands help your career development?

The MBA degree was a good addition to my CV. It makes you more visible for recruiters. But most important is still what kind of worker you are, what you do and what achievements you have. Study in Netherlands really improved my communication and ability to work in an international environment.

7) How fast could you find a job after your study the Netherlands?

After graduation it took me about a month to get the job.

8) Do you think your international experience had an impact on your future life?

Yes definitely. I liked it so much here in Netherlands that I decided not to leave. I have a good job in an international company now, a family with 2 beautiful children and a lot of plans.

9) Tell us a little bit about your plans for the future; how do you see yourself in 4 years.

Learn more and get more work skills, travel a lot and just enjoy my life the way it is with ups and downs.

Posted by Marina Zernaeva at 2014-11-19 10:59